Write analytical literature review

Amount of words: 1200 (+/- 10%)

Source requirements: minimum 3 peer-reviewed and published academic articles/papers, additionally you can use books, policy documents, articles from serious newspapers etc.


In the globalising world countries and regions are competing more and more with each other to attract business and enhancing entrepreneurship which would create employment opportunities and tax revenue, and therefore foster economic growth and give a competitive edge to the region. In the aging Europe this goal is unfortunately difficult to achieve demanding lots of creativity and effort both in policy design and implementation. However, the western countries have a considerable development advantage compared to the eastern Europe countries.

Your task is to write a short literature review on how western countries use government investments in the public services or regional environment in order to help to attract more businesses to the region. Also elaborate what Eastern European countries can do to transfer these activities or policies in order to reduce the development gap and make the Eastern market more attractive to businesses. You do not need to carry out any studies on your own as this research paper is based on the existing academic literature.

Please feel free to pose your own research question depending of the angle you want to take.

USE: Tax benefits, export supports, Policy -> enhance entrep.

TEXT: Chicago

Bibliography: Harvard

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