Write a research report on the main topic: software engineering and

Word count: 3500 words

Be sure to narrow the research focus

  • Search the literature database to find a problem that you will focus on – Add to this section: (Introduction–>Problem Statement)

 For example:

   Main topic: Software Engineering and 3D Printing 

 Research Title: The impact of 3D printing software on sales and productivity in the retail industry

  • Determine at least TWO questions that you will focus on in the research solution

                  Add to this section: (Introduction–> Research Questions

Research Report Guide:

  • The structure of the paper  MUST follow the guide. The guide can be found in the Research Report Help section.
  •  Include All sections
  1. Front Matter – Title page (with Running head“), blank Approval page, Abstract, blank Acknowledgement page, Table of Contents, List of Figures  (if necessary), List of Tables (if necessary)
  2. Chapters 1 – 5
  3. References (as per APA)
  4. Appendices (if necessary)