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You don’t have to write about groupthink I was just showing the two concepts for a better understanding. 

groupshift A change between a group’s decision and an individual decision
that a member within the group would make; the shift can be toward either conservatism or greater risk but it generally is toward a more extreme version of the group’s original position. 

Groupthink and Groupshift

Two by-products of group decision making have the potential to affect a group’s ability to appraise alternatives objectively and arrive at high-quality solutions.

The first, called groupthink, relates to norms. It describes situations in which group pressures for conformity deter the group from critically appraising un- usual, minority, or unpopular views. Groupthink is a disease that attacks many groups and can dramatically hinder their performance. The second phenom- enon is groupshift, which describes the way group members tend to exaggerate the initial positions they hold when discussing a given set of alternatives and arriving at a solution. In some situations, caution dominates and there is a con- servative shift, while in other situations groups tend toward a risky shift. Let’s look at each phenomenon in detail. 

Please write approximately 1 single-spaced page using the following outline:

1. In your own words, briefly explain in a few sentences or a paragraph the one or two basic concept(s) from the textbook that relate to your experience and the implications that you will discuss in the paper.

2. Describe the real-life example(s) of how you have personally experienced the effects of this OB concept and/or how have you observed the effects when interacting with other people. Please be clear of which concept(s) you are illustrating.

3. Explain how the concept(s) applies to you (e.g. about the kind of organization you wish to join, about the skills you need to develop, about how this issue affect you and your generation, etc.). Of special interest is your insight/analysis of the experience/issue. This could include what you have learned and any advice you might have in dealing with these types of situations in the future. 

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