Write a marketing journal according to FIVE TYPES OF ATTACK STRATEGIES, marketing homework help

1. First, you need read the attachment slide I provide for you, and to select only one  of 5 types of attack strategies (for example, Frontal)

2. Second, you need to find a marketing article according to the one strategy you choose

3. Third. You have one single-spaced page using New Times Roman 12 font to (1)introduce me to the organization (2)the marketing concept, and to (3)convince me that company’s actions illustrate the marketing concept well. Just three paragraph. The first two should be short (two or three sentences)

(1) The organization – This should include the organization’s name, location, goods/services it provides, and something that indicates organizational size, like sales/revenue/# employees.

(2) The marketing concept – This should communicate the key information about the marketing concept. In your own words, introduce the marketing concept in such a way that it may be understood by a person entirely unfamiliar with it. Present the marketing concept, a mental tool, as you would a physical tool. You may include(1) in what situation it would generally be of use; and, (2)how it would help a manager make better strategic decisions.

(3) The example- This should clearly explain how the attached resource material (for example: news article) about the organization clearly illustrate the marketing concept; justify that this organization’s actions realty meet the definition of that marketing concept; and, explain how the reader will the marketing concept specifically illustrated in the PPT slide you attach. (This is where the use of color for emphasis in your figure will be indicated.)

4. You should also upload the original article you found online. Please save it as another word file and upload it too

 The PPT slide is in the attachment.

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