Write 2-3 paragraphs for each question

Pleas write 2-3 paragraphs for each question. please pay attention the words that I high-lighted. you should use those strategies to analyze. That is important. Each question chose Tesla Model 3 to answer question and analyze, not Honda. That means not compare with Honda and Tesla, it is analyze Tesla Model 3.    Thanks a lot.  

1. Honda and Tesla recently introduced new product offerings. The Honda Ridgeline pickup truck and Tesla Model 3. In terms of product/market segmentation strategies, critically assess these product offerings. are they the “right” given where Honda and Tesla are in the industry life cycle and how receptive consumers are to these products? (please chose Tesla Model 3 to answer the question, not Honda) 

2. Strategic groups are a basic concept in strategy, identifying which firms are direct competitors to what other firms. Identify the companies that occupy the same strategic group as Honda and Tesla. Critically assess the likelihood that the introduction of the Honda Ridgeline and Tesla Model 3 will trigger competitive response by other members of those strategic groups. For rivals of Honda and Tesla, what are the likely competitive responses? (please chose Tesla to answer question.)

3. High-tech industries are different from non-high-tech industries in various important ways. Critically assess today’s industry and, in particular, the segments of the auto industry occupied by Honda and Tesla. Are those segments representative of high-tech industries? yes/no and why?(please chose Tesla to answer question.) 

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