World civilization and pre history 3 | History | City University of New York Hostos Community College

Choose a   world  religion that IS NOT Christianity* from the graphic organizers in the attached file, and use the questions provided in the ‘matrix’ of that   religion to guide you in writing a 2 pages double-spaced essay in which you:

  • demonstrate an understanding of the geopolitical (power, ’empire’) landscape in which the  religion was founded
  • how the vision of the founder(s) was influenced by and also challenged the existing traditions  and power hierarchy of that time and place. 

Remember, the main idea is that you’re writing about a   religion in a HISTORY CLASS.** You don’t need to answer every question in order to do well, they are only there to guide you. You should cite   at least one scholarly source in any format cited within the paper, and then listed at the end in ‘works cited.*Since Christianity was the model given in the lesson on the topic, you must choose another religion, even though I have included the graphic organizer for Christianity in the attached document to help you get a sense of what you are supposed to do. 

** You won’t get an “A” if you write a basic summary. You need ‘analysis.’One way to do this is to connect forward through history with that  religion . for example, We did this by comparing the original teaching of Jesus to Christianity today, and also by connecting the Roman empire to the U.S. empire today. Use the discussion board and then you’re getting participation points while you’re getting help with the assignment at the same time!

Source ideas. jstor, get scholarly sources from the bottom of wikipedia pages and by googling the names of historians that speak on videos to find their books,

you can’t use a video as a source but you can search the historians names that come up, also the video has great info! Here are some helpful videos, depending on your choice: 

Life of Buddha (BBC), (

Islam: Empire of Faith (PBS), (

Story of India: Beginnings, (

Pagan Origins of Judaism (