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MLA Documentation Style Exercise

Directions: Prepare a Works Cited page entry for each of the following sources by using the MLA Documentation Style.

1)  Author:  Barry Allen

Title of the Book: Shakespeare, Shelley and the Romantic Reaction

Publisher: Granada Press

Publication Date: 1958

Place of Publication: New York

2)  Author: Sidney Mellerman, John Scarcini, Leslie Karlin

Title of the Book: Human Development: An Introduction to Cognitive Growth

Publisher: Harper

Publication Date: 1981

Place of Publication: New York

3)  Author: Robert Spiller, Harlan Minton, Michael Upta, Gretchen Kielstra

Title of the Book: Literary History of the United States

Publisher: Macmillan

Publication Date: 1960

Place of Publication: New York

4)  Editor: Joyce A. Kinkead, Jeanette Harris

Title of the Book: Writing Centers in Context: Twelve Case Studies

Publisher: NCTE

Publication Date: 1993

Place of Publication: Urbana

5)   Author: Felix Frankfurter

Title of the Book: The Diaries of Felix Frankfurter

Editor: Thomas Sayres

Publisher: Norton

Publication Date: 1975

Place of Publication: Boston

6)  Author: Henry Benatar

 Editor: Martin James

Title of the Book: Current Criticism of Shakespeare

Title of the Article: The Profound Lessons of Lear

Page Number: 105-119

Publisher: Harvard University Press

Publication Date: 1979

Place of Publication: Boston

7)  Author: Paul Nolan

Title of the Journal: Shakespeare Quarterly

Title of the Article: The Nature of Elizabethan Drama

Volume Number: 14

Issue Number: 3-4

Page Number: 29-45

Publication Date: 1986

8)  Author: Logan Pearsall Smith

Name of the Newspaper: New York Times

Title of the Article: On Reading Shakespeare

Page Number: C23

Publication Date: 2/20/1989

Further details: National edition

9)   Author: Steven Wright

Name of the Newspaper: The Chronicle

Title of the Article: Curriculum 2000 Draws Criticism

Publication Date: 1/25/2001

Access Date: 11/7/2001


10)   Author: Debra Lillio

Title of the Magazine: Health Digest

Title of the Article: New Cures for Migration Headaches

Page Number: 14-15

Publication Date: October 1995

11) Author: Malcom Folgeroy

Site Name: Shakespeare’s Critics Page

Organization or institution name: Univ. of Oxford Literature Site

Access date: 1/22/2000

URL: <>

12) Title of the Book: Folger’s Encyclopedia of Shakespeare

Title of the Article: Elizabethan English

Edition: 1985

13) Author: Jeffrey Fagan

Title of the Article: Gangs and Drugs

Source: Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol and Addictive Behavior

Editor: Rosalyn Carson DeWitt

Publisher: Macmillan

Publication Date: 2001

Place of Publication: New York

Number of volumes: 4

14) Author: Mario Materassi

 Title of the Journal: American Quarterly

Title of the Article: The Forest and the Trees: Some Notes on the Study of Multiculturalism in Italy

Volume Number: 48

Issue Number: 1

Page Number: 110-120

Publication Date: 1996

Access Date: Feb 6, 1998

URL: <>

15) Interviewee: Thomas Rinehart

Interview Date: 2/27/1990