Wk8: final project part 1 and part 2

Wk8: Final ProjectThe final project will be a written document and a video presentation of what you found to be the most challenging professional or personal aspects of Organization Leadership. Please include all or some of the topics to ensure the in-depth of your paper on leadership characteristics, ethical leadership, team leadership, inspirational leadership, and the visionary leadership model.  This objective is to adequately address the topics. Part I: Written document. The size of the paper should reflect the content of the project. The APA 7th edition style of writing requirement is a minimum of 1,500 words to adequately cover the scope of the project.The Abstract element is not required for this assignment.  

 Part II: Video Presentation. Using your written document from Part I, prepare a 20-minute video presentation of your write-up that will generate class discussions.  Use PowerPoint with facial recognition and embedded voice audio or any other audio media (Knovio or Panopto) for this presentation.