Why is Turkey Cheaper When Demand is Higher, economics homework help

Here are 3 economic articles, choose 1 article. And to write 1 brief papers for  the article. 

Each paper should be double spaced with 12 pt. font and no longer than 2 pages. 

Each paper should contain a synopsis of the article, address the problem the article presented, determine if the economic agent in the article had enough information to make the correct decision, and propose alternative answers to the problem at hand. 

Make sure to point out any concept in chapter 6 that can be applied.  Froeb3e_06a.ppt 

You will want to keep in mind that some articles may not have a problem or the problem may not be obvious. If there doesn’t appear to be a problem, put yourself in that person’s shoes and ask yourself what potential problem could arise and how would you attempt to answer it.

1. Why is Turkey Cheaper When Demand is Higher?


2.Switching Costs and Competition


3.Reed Hastings and Netflix Seem to Understand…Four Months Later


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