when approaching everyday citizens in various unlawful situations, law homework help 12 page paper

I need help writing a 12 page research paper in APA format, with a minimum of 5 scholarly peer-reviewed references. Here is the topic :

For over the last two decades police officers have been taught to utilize use of force continuums, when approaching everyday citizens in various unlawful situations. More recently, there has been a lot of negative attention focusing on police officers and their use of excessive force when handling minor offenses. However, with the number of police officers being executed by the very same citizens they swore and oath to protect; it raises an important issue of whether these same law enforcement officials should continue to focus on today’s standard model of aggressive policing, or direct their focus towards re-training veteran officers on how to de-escalate situations with as minimal force as possible. Much of the problem rests with an age-old standard model of policing, which is based in part on the broken windows theory of making arrests and issuing citations for even the most minor offenses. By changing how police officers approach certain situations with enhanced training methods, law enforcement officials will be able to meet a more progressive goal of simultaneously catching criminals while building a greater trust with citizens in the community.

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