What do have to do? craft an essay/proposal of four paragraphs. each

What do have to do? Craft an essay/proposal of four paragraphs. Each paragraph should address one of the following prompts: Identify an injustice or inequity in our community (broadly defined — your own life, your neighborhood, your city, etc); Provide a brief synopsis of the issue and include background/statistics from one legitimate source; Using terminology from our course, discuss how you the issue is related to our course materials in some way; and Provide details (who, what, when, where, etc) of the ″grassroots activism″ plan you believe can help address the injustice in some way. What are some tips for success in this assignment? CHOOSE YOUR ISSUE WISELY: As you′re thinking through this assignment, remember that an injustice or an inequity is different than a mere inconvenience. For example, we all know that parking on campus is difficult and annoying but that′s more of an inconvenience than it is an injustice. It might rise to the level of an injustice, however, for folks who have mobility issues and need designated handicapped parking spaces. What if your research determines that out of all the parking spaces at USF only 2% are designated handicapped? See the difference? MAKE SURE YOU CAN ″DO″ SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR ISSUE: You need to plan an action, something that you will actually DO to address the injustice or inequity. Let′s use our parking example. It sure seems like a problem if there aren′t enough designated handicapped parking spaces. But what can YOU do about it? Probably not much, so even though the issue itself is important it doesn′t quite meet the requirements of this assignment unless you can match it up with an effective action. You′ll need to rethink your issue. Maybe you rethink it and realize that as someone going into your career field, you need to know about all kinds of different people but that you personally don′t have a lot of knowledge about LGBTQ+ people. LGBTQ+ awareness and inclusion is a good issue, and there are actions you can take. For example, you could do an online LGBTQ+ sensitivity training. That would meet the requirements for this assignment and it′d be something you could put on your resume as an additional training or skill to help you stand out on the job market. What are the technical requirements of the assignment? Your essay/proposal should respond specifically to the prompts: one paragraph per prompt. You′ll submit your essay/proposal on Canvas but you′ll want to draft it in a separate Word document before you enter it into Canvas; do not attach a document. Organize your essay and proofread it because grammar, composition, and spelling count. You′ll need to do a little research to provide context and you′ll need to cite that research. (There is no required citation form; APA is most useful but as long as the citation leads us to be able to look at your sources it will satisfy this assignment.) How does COVID-19 affect this assignment? I need some ideas. Because we are still puzzling through how COVID-19 will continue to affect our lives, you should not propose any actions that will require you to put yourself or others in harm′s way. A good idea might be to focus on education and advocacy. The following list of actions might help as you brainstorm: Research your topic and then create an infographic or PowerPoint that helps you and others learn about this issue and ways to address it. Attend an online/virtual training or workshop on an issue of concern — e.g., LGBTQ+ sensitivity, anti-racist strategies for change, etc. Conduct an online/virtual ″consciousness raising group″ in which you and a few friends share insight about your issue of choice and strategies for addressing it. Create a resource list of materials related to education and change on your issue. Design a lesson plan (for kids? for seniors?) that would help others learn about this issue. Get creative and connect the issue to your career plans or goals! . Rubric GAP(a) Rubric GAP(a) Rubric Criteria Ratings Pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Composition, Grammar, Etc Is your essay well-written? How many errors in grammar or spelling does it contain? 2.0 pts Full Marks Relatively free of any grammar, spelling or punctuation issues. 1.8 pts Good A few more grammar, spelling, and punctuation issues than one would expect in a such a short assignment. 1.6 pts Needs a Proofread You need to proofread your submissions for grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors because too many of them distract from the quality of your work. 1.4 pts Needs Significant Attention Far too many grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors for a short assignment. Proofread your work. As you move forward in life you′ll find that good writing skills make the difference between a job or graduate school application going in the YES or the NO pile. 0.5 pts Significant Issues Your submission is riddled with grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors to the point that they are distracting and even make some parts of your submission difficult to understand. 2.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Injustice or Inequity Did you identify an injustice or inequity in our community? Did you identify it with specificity or is your issue too vague (e.g., ″homelessness″)? Did you give some context for why this is an injustice or an inequity? 4.0 pts Full Marks Good job! 3.75 pts Nearly there You′ll need to be a bit more specific with your issue or how you′re defining it. 3.25 pts Good, But… Is this an injustice/inequity or merely an inconvenience? Since you′re choosing the injustice/inequity, you must also ″prove″ that it is truly unjust. More specificity might help. 3.0 pts Okay You identified an injustice or inequity but you didn′t really offer much in the way of context or explanation. Can you expand your thoughts to demonstrate more engagement with the spirit of the assignment and the nature of the course? 0.0 pts No Marks 4.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Synopsis Did you provide a brief synopsis of the injustice — e.g., statistics, summary of theories for why the injustice exists, et 6.0 pts Full Marks Excellent job! You made your case well. 5.5 pts Nearly there Good, but you need to be more specific and/or locate information that is clearly from a legitimate source. 5.0 pts Needs Work Can you add some more context and depth? Remember in an online course — just as if this was a job assignment you were submitting to your boss — this is the only way you have to ″prove″ that you′re really thinking and engaging with the spirit of the task. 4.5 pts Needs Work How many people does this affect? Why does this injustice exist? Can you think how course materials might help create more context for understanding ″why this matters?″ 0.0 pts No Marks 6.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Connection Discuss briefly how you the injustice is related to our course materials in some way (being sure to use course terminology) 4.0 pts Full Marks Excellent job! You′re really seeing how course materials and ″real life″ connect. 3.75 pts Nearly there A pretty good job but can you take it beyond where you are? Consider reviewing our module on privilege, oppression, and intersectionality. 3.25 pts Needs work How does this relate to women′s studies and this course? 3.0 pts Okay You need to use course terminology and/or you need to be more specific. Remember that while our course is in women′s studies, we′ve learned that women′s studies includes considerations of racial, class, and other inequities. Think intersectionally, if you can! 0.0 pts No Marks 4.0 pts This criterion is linked to a Learning Outcome Action Lay out the details (who, what, when, where, etc) of the ″grassroots activism″ you believe can help address the injustice in some way 4.0 pts Full Marks Excellent! You′ve connected the issue with something that you personally can do ″right now″ (during our course). 3.75 pts Nearly there Can you expand this a bit? Perhaps include friends/family or your neighborhood? Or maybe be more specific with the details of your plan — who, what, when, where? 3.25 pts Needs work This doesn′t really seem feasible during our class time. What ways can you reshape your idea to be specific and doable? 3.0 pts Needs Work Good, but consider these questions. Does your action really fit the injustice/inequity? If so, how? Can you complete this during our course time? Will your action will really make a change? Be specific — e.g., consider the case of a petition — how will a petition make a change? do you know the requirements for an effective petition? who will see your petition? does that person actually have the power to make change?