Week 6 discussion “food and food insecurity” | SOC 450 Solutions to Global Issues | Strayer University


As Hite and Seitz (2016) show in Chapter 3, “Food,” there is enough food produced and available to feed the entire world every day. However, for various reasons, millions still go hungry, making food security—having consistent access to adequate nutritional food—a persistent global social problem in both developing and developed countries.  

Task A Read and Complete the following 4 questions: Please write all information in complete sentences and provide the Hite (2016) citation for questions 1 through 3. Use a reference also for question 4. 

1) Where do most of the world’s hungry live, and what are the major causes of hunger? 

2) What are some potential consequences and benefits to using biotechnologies in developing countries?

3)  Based on the research currently available, in what ways should developing countries pursue the use of biotechnologies? 

             4)  From one of your previously selected developing countries: Considering the causes of food insecurity, what factors interrupt the flow of food from the source to the people?