Week 4 project | Management homework help


Review the EPKs in the Lesson activities. Decide what elements you will include in an EPK for your artist.



Part 1: Create a Word document that answers the following:

• What will you include in an electronic press kit? List each element and explain your reasons for including them. 

• Why is this EPK important for your artist to have?

• What steps will you take to create the EPK?

• Describe the target audience for your EPK. Explain why it is important to reach these people or groups with the EPK.

Part 2: Create an Electronic Press Kit for your Artist

Your EPK should be an audio visual presentation, such as Keynote or Powerpoint, that contains all the elements of the EPK. At a minimum, your EPK should contain the following:

• A brief bio of the artist

• Question/answer sessions with the artist

• Examples of previous work

• Still photos or videos of the artist

• An explanation of what the artist has to offer the target audience

• Contact Information (even if you have to make it up for the sake of the assignment)

Cite resources on a separate reference page.

Incorporate the concepts and terminology learned from this week’s readings into the paper, demonstrating how the EPK you created reflects the concepts learned about in the Lesson activities.


  1. Save your Word document created for Part 1 as a PDF. 
  2. Name your PDF as follows: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_EPK
  3. Save your video or presentation for Part 2 as a QuickTime File. 
  4. Name your QuickTime File as follows: LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_EPKVideo 
  5. Upload both files to the LMS and submit.