utilitarianism and Kantian ethics, Business Ethics Essay Exam, business and finance homework help

Part One:  Answer each of the following questions. Give a thorough response. Write a minimum of one paragraph per question:

1. What would an act utilitarian and a rule utilitarian say differently when evaluating the

  same case?

2. What is the major contrast between utilitarianism and Kantian ethics?

3. How would you respond to someone who says that a business should always do

  whatever is in its economic interests?

4. What are the attractive features of virtue theory? What are its limitations in

   application to business?

5. Define discrimination. What forms of discrimination are unethical?

Part Two:  Answer three questions from the list below. Select one question from three different chapters. Give a thorough response. Write a minimum of two paragraphs per question:

Chapter 1

1.  In what ways does it benefit businesses to pursue ethical choices beyond what they

are legally required to do?

Chapter 2

2.  What are the required components of the moral point of view, and how are they

 exercised in a business setting?

3.  Discuss the problem of assigning monetary value to things.  How could it be argued that it is appropriate to assign monetary value to things like friendship, love, and life?

Chapter 3

4.  In what ways is the need to calculate utility a problem for utilitarianism?

Chapter 4

5.  Explain the ironic dimension of whistle-blowing with respect to employee loyalty.

6.  Describe the pros and cons of legal protection for whistle-blowing.

Chapter 5

  1. What is a trade secret, and why is the government invested in helping companies

protect them?

Chapter 6

8.  Describe ways in which the right of privacy to be protected has been argued.

Chapter 7

9.  How do people draw the line between job specifications that require discrimination on the one hand, and unfair discrimination on the other?

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