Upload the pdf of the 2019 or most recent annual report of the


Question Set #1

*Get PDF of Annual Report of your company, using this report answer the following questions.

1) What is your company’s principal business activity?

2) Who is the CFO? What is his/her accounting background?

3) Is your company managing any ethical issues presently? If so, how do their actions affect their financial performance going forward?

Question Set #2

1) Take the income statement of your company and transfer this to excel.

2) Identify the costs/expenses as either variable of fixed. For the variable cost per unit, you will have to find or estimate the total products sold during the fiscal year.

3) Write the total cost function. 

Question Set #3

1) Identify & Explain the operating segments of your company. (Geographic/Regional)

2) Prepare a table that compares the percent change in “Total Revenue” to the change in “Operating income” from 2018 to 2019 or the most recent available years.

3) Identify, if any, what regions increased in revenue, but decreased in operating income from year to year.

4) What might explain this?