Unit 2 discussion (acc211) (bus311) (mgt105)

Unit 2 Discussion (ACC211 Managerial Accounting)

What benefits and drawbacks are there for a business that uses a Standard/Traditional Costing model?

What benefits and drawback are there for a business that uses an Activity Based Costing (ABC) model?

If you owned a small manufacturing business with relatively high volume and multiple product lines, would you implement an ABC model?  Why?

As you get ready to reflect on these questions, don’t forget that the best answers are attempts to apply the concept to a small business and explore how a standard/traditional costing or activity-based costing system would/could be used.  What are the benefits and the risks – or how could you adapt it to get the best of both?

Don’t forget that, when you draw a blank on a question (or any part of it), take a quick look at the concept on the internet or in the Post Online Library.  There will be some great inspiration there that will help you out AND lend some different perspective on the matter!  (Don’t forget to cite anything that you use!)

Unit 2 DB: Critique Presentation Skills (BUS311 Managerial Communication)

Find a Ted Talk presentation that interests you.  Evaluate the speaker’s effectiveness and delivery with the techniques that you have learned in this Unit.  Focusing on technique and not content, what are the strengths and weaknesses of the presentation?  Be sure to include a link to the video you are evaluating.  Then for your replies, choose two classmates’ videos and expand on their analysis of the presenter’s strengths and weaknesses.

Unit 2 DB: Organizational Culture (MGT105 Principles of Management)

For this discussion you will place yourself into two roles, employee and manager.

  • Consider the seven (7) dimensions of Organizational Culture.  Choose the top two (2) dimensions that are most important to you as an employee choosing a place of employment.  Explain your reasoning for choosing each one. 
  • Next, think about an organization’s culture and how it influences managers and their decision making.  Identify one (1) dimension of organizational culture that could impact you most, either positively or negatively, as a manager leading a team and making decisions.  Explain.