Trauma and loss | Psychology homework help



Build upon your case presentation for the Rivera Family Case Study in the Week 6 assignment. The readings and resources from the prior weeks will support you as you assess, identify, and diagnose grief and loss.

Assignment Instructions

Build upon your case presentation from Week 6. Incorporate what you have learned about grief, loss, and trauma. Think about and discuss the ways in which you might mitigate impacts to yourself and your clients into your case presentation.

  1. Write a case presentation of the Rivera family.
  2. Use the Rivera family case study and Interactive Learning Module: Riverbend City: Rivera Family Case Study Part II to assess, identify, and diagnose grief and loss.
  3. Explore cycles of grief and different types of grief and loss. 
  4. Consider cultural and ethical considerations when identifying which type of systemic intervention you might choose in this situation (family therapy, therapy group, or support group [if beneficial]).
  5. Write to the scoring guide for this assignment to address all of the requirements for this assignment.