The Role of Macro-Environmental Factors, homework help

The Role of Macro-Environmental Factors  

A) Please list the major macro-environmental factors discussed in the textbook and slides (Please find attached file).

B) Select one of those factors, provide an example of your own, and explain how it can influence the marketing process?

C) As a marketer, how do you deal with such a macro-environmental factor in order to protect your firm, use the existing opportunities and avoid potential threats?

Discussion Format:

1. The discussion grading is based on the quality of your comments and how clearly you can communicate your thoughts. Thus, the more you write, the easier for the grader to understand your viewpoints. Citing chapter related concepts can significantly improve the quality of your comments and it clearly indicates to the grader that you indeed read the chapter before you participate in the discussion.

2. To engage each other in the discussion, you do not only need to post your own thought but Also, are required to comment on THREE of your colleagues’ posts. Your grade will be evaluated based on your own post and your comments on three colleagues’ posts. Points will be significantly deducted if you did not participate and comment on any of your colleagues’ posts.

3. When commenting on your colleague’s posts, please do NOT simply reply with –yes, I agree with your point, etc. It should be a reply that is related to your colleagues’ thought on the topic and your comments/suggestions on his/her viewpoints.


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