The impact of theater on our society | Honors intro to theatre | Bergen Community College

This is a Honors Paper Assignment.

Questions to answer:

  • Include what the theater provides and the benefits it gives to our society.
  • How does it influence people?
  • Does it help people to be well being?
  • Does theatre contribute to our economy?
  • How Can Theatre Affect Political or Social Change?
  • Is theatre helpful for education?
  • Careers?

THESIS: Theater is a very broad artistic field that provides society with many different benefits.

MLA Formatting

12-20 pages. Eight sources minimum. At least four of these sources must come from the BCC Library Databases. The entire work must be in correct MLA formatting, from header to works-cited page. 

BCC Library Databases Website link:

You will need to use this username and password to access to the library website.

Username: gpadron

Password: Mamor30$


  • Double-spaced
  • 12-point font
  • Times New Roman
  • MLA format (properly cited and with a works-cited page, if required)

MLA Works-Cited Information is in the file posted name as MLA_practice-template_with_BCC_elements.