The emotionally intelligent organization | English homework help

I need 11 FULL PAGES NOT 10.5 NOT WORDS COUNT I NEED 11 FULL PAGES. Take a look at the rubric this worth 300 points DO NOT TAKE THE ASSIGNMENT IF YOU WON’T FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS OR YOU won’t WRITE 11 FULL PAGES. I uploaded the book to help you.

Report on your current or previous organizational environment in regard to emotional intelligence. Select a subordinate, peer,  supervisor, or group to analyze within your selected company. The organizational review is your opportunity to research, analyze, and report workplace Emotional Intelligence as well as other relevant theories as researched in class. You are required to use a minimum of four resources beyond your textbooks for this paper (6 total references).  
   The required paper length indicated below is a target and not an absolute. The paper must follow APA guidelines. Upload the assignment to the link in Blackboard.  
   *   For Graduate students:  11-12 complete pages paper of synthesized work. Graduate students are required to develop a training strategy to implement emotional intelligence training into the workplace. You must also include an annotated  bibliography with a minimum of 6 references