The android operating system | Computer Science homework help

Write a 500-800 word report following APA style with several citations and at least two references. Part 2 of the homework should be uploaded to Engrade at the start of class on Week 3. You may write about the operating systems listed below:




In your report, you need to answer as many of the questions below as possible:

1. What type of hardware did/does this OS run on?

2. What company developed this OS?

3. What year was it first introduced?

4. How long was it in active development?

5. What type of file system did/does the OS use?

6. Did/Does this OS work in dual mode (kernel and user space)?

7. Did/Does this OS support networking?

8. Did/Does this OS support a GUI interface, a command line interface or both?

9. What types of systems programs did/does the OS have (file management, programming language support, file modification, program loading and support, communications)?

10. Did/Does the OS support or include a micro-kernel?

11. Anything else interesting about the OS you found.