Template for Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Ratios

1.  Choose your S$P 500 company. (Coca-Cola Enterprises)
2.  Then select 2 key competitors of that company. 
3.  My recommendation is to use Yahoo Finance.  Has tons of information on each company.  Just click on COMPETITORS link to find out key competitors.

4.  Download Income Statement Data and Balance Sheet Data into a new Excel w/s.
5.  Start building the framework. 
6.  Complete Income Statement section first.

7.  Complete Balance Sheet section. 
8.  Use Quad Graphics Data FIRST.  Replicate my EXACT w/s.  
9.  Once you have replicated all my equations, now drop in your company data.

10. Once you have completed one company, just copy w/s into 2 new tabs.
11.  Lather, rinse, repeat 🙂
12.  Excluding your IS and BS data input, your worksheet should be 100% equations.  I will be checking for that with your final submission. 

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