Taiquat government official | Operations Management homework help


nstructions: This assignment asks you to analyze the legal and ethical environment in which business operates and consider the legal and ethical implications of business decisions.  For the Taiquat assignment, use the and to write a report that fully answers the prompt.

1. The paper should be no longer than two (2) double-spaced pages with one-inch margins, using a 12-point Times New Roman font. 

2.  There should be a header on each page containing your name and the page number; no title page or abstract is necessary.

3.  The first line of a paragraph should be indented one-half inch, and there should be no additional spaces before or after paragraphs.

4.  Make sure that you use APA-format citations as needed within your report and include references. The page count doesn’t include your references, which should be in APA format and double spaced.

Prompt:  You are an executive for a multinational tobacco company that wishes to bring the joy of American tobacco products to the previously closed, but potentially highly profitable, Taiquat market. The Taiquat government official who must issue the order allowing your ships to unload refuses to do so unless you pay him a specific amount of money. You initially refuse to do so; now you have learned that the Taiquat government does not pay such officials a salary, so the officials resort to negotiating a price with the incoming companies such as yours in order to make a living. Discuss your options and justify your final decision.