Tableau | Accounting homework help

 Part III ( Difficulty: Intermediate) In order to create the Treemap for the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), you will have to link two data files. Tableau will do this automatically. Start by uploading the sales file (you can use the same workbook as the previous investigations; however, we always recommend you save your work as you go). Once the sales file is uploaded, upload the purchase price file. The files should be a center join based on Brand. Once the files are linked, verify your files uploaded and joined properly. The total Sales Dollars should be $483,891,954. Verifying your COGS of $347,412,594 will trickier as we need to create the variable (to be discussed below). To determine the COGS, you’ll have to create the COGS variable by going to the Analysis Tab and clicking on a Create a Calculated Field . Drag Purchase Price and then multiply by Sales Quantity. You should see your new variable under the Measures . • Once the files are merged, you’ll have to calculate the following variables – COGS – $347,412,594 – Gross Profit: Gross Profit = Sales – COGS – Gross Profit %: Gross Profit / Sales • Create a Scatter Graph comparing each store’s Sales and Gross Profit. – Does the relationship appear to be linear? – What is the equation of the trend line? Hint: Use the Analysis Tab and drag it onto your Worksheet . – Why wouldn’t all of the stores be exactly on the trend line since each store has access to the same inventory? • Create a Worksheet to determine the percentage that each Store contributes to the overall Gross Profit. Use the Classification variable to filter based on spirits and wine. Convert your Worksheet into a Stacked Bar Chart . What percent does store 76 contribute to the overall gross profit? What percent does Store 76 contribute to Gross Profit based on wine only? Spirits only? • Individually, which two stores have the highest Gross Profit %? Individually, which two stores have the lowest Gross Profit %? • What kind of decisions could be made when examining a store’s contribution to overall gross profit for the company? What kind of decision could be made when comparing individual store gross profit percentages