SWOT Analysis

Prepare a three-page paper (excluding title and reference pages and SWOT template) that addresses the following:

  1. Describe an environmental dispute in your community or state in which a business is a major contributor to the problem or challenge. (Note that this should be a different issue than the one you used for Week Five Discussion Two.) 
  2. When describing the environmental dispute, discuss the specific business involved in the dispute, as well as the business’s role in the dispute. 
  3. Analyze the skills, knowledge, experience, and preparation that would be necessary for that business to successfully work with stakeholders to resolve the environmental dispute. In addition, analyze the deficiencies in the business’ ability to resolve the dispute successfully.
  4. Prepare a SWOT analysis, using the SWOT Analysis Template. Additional information on conducting a SWOT analysis is also available from Mind Tools. Besides skills, knowledge, experience, and preparation, you should examine two other attributes of your choice in your SWOT analysis (e.g., homegrown business, foreign business, reputation of business, etc.). 

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