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Each question needs to be 200 words with 2 references 

1) One factor that IT professionals must consider when building a server is whether that server should be simply server software installed on regular hardware, server software installed on server hardware, or regular software installed on server hardware.

  1. What are the differences between workstation software and server software?
  2. Windows workstations all have elements of server software built-in. What are these elements, and why is the Windows Professional OS not considered a server?
  3. Similarly, the Windows server OS can run regular workstation applications such as MS Office or Adobe Photoshop. Why is this a bad idea? Can you find a situation where it might be appropriate? 
  4. What exactly makes server hardware so valuable/expensive? What feature requirements drive the server market? 
  5. What (if any) are the same feature requirements that might be found in server software/OS environments? 

2) One of the most frequent IT-related issues we encounter deals with connectivity. “I can’t get to the Web,” “The Internet is down,” and “It doesn’t work” are far more complicated than you think. 

In general, networking issues fall into one of four categories: 

  1. Problem with the computer network interface
  2. Problem with the local network
  3. Problem between the local network and the rest of the web
  4. Problem with the target resource (website, server, application)

Research network troubleshooting as it relates to each of these categories of problems and how they may be resolved. 

Create a flowchart that illustrates how to navigate the troubleshooting process to most effectively solve the problems.