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Part 3


Part 3 will require you to create your own SQL statements to satisfy the information requirements as outlined in this lab.  Prior to completing this part of the lab; You should add additional test data to your database as needed in order to test your SQL statements.


Select Queries


Note: Do not use any foreign keys in the select list for any SQL statement.


  1. S2_8

    1. Create a list of customer names and their respective credit card numbers, credit card expiry date, city and province in the result set.  Sort the information by city within province.

  2. S2_9

    1. Create a list of manufacturers names where the manufacturer name ends in ‘E’.  Sort the information by manufacturers name in descending order.

  3. S2_10

    1. Create a distinct list of customer names for customers that live in Manitoba or British Columbia.

  4. S2_11

    1. Create a list of inventory items, MSRP price, price paid from the order details and calculate the difference between the two prices.

  5. S2_12

    1. Create a list of ship-to-city, order dates and ship dates.  Sort the information by Ship-to-city and order dates.