Spss/pspp (you have to download the software)


For this first exercise, go to the General Social Survey (GSS) website and download the 1980 data set for SPSS. This is the only dataset not uploaded for you.  I want to see if can find it yourself.  Let me know if you have difficulties.  

Answer the following:

1. Report the frequency and percentage results for HAPMAR statistics?  For GSS 1980 

2.  Provide the proper graph (Histogram, Bar Chart, Scatter Plot) –submit the output and you need to identify which graph you should use (word document) along with a description of what is displayed in the graph. For GSS 1980.

A.  AGE 



3.  Using the States10 data set present descriptive statistics for the following variables (I have not included which descriptive statistics you should report so I can assess students on this knowledge)-report only the measures (should be one measure of central tendency and one measure of spread) that best represent the data:

A. DMS429 (Percent of Households Headed by Married Couples, 2008)

B. ECS445 (Homeownership Rate, 2008)

C. EMS170 (State Minimum Wage Rates, 2010)