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Attached as a Word Document is a sports contract where you will insert information ONLY WHERE YOU SEE RED.

Basically, you are the athlete or celebrity but in the contract you are listed as the STUDENT. You are to choose who the sponsor is (it can be Coca Cola, Red Bull, Under Armour, etc.) who wants you to represent them – sponsor them) at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Most important is clause 2 titled “Specific Requirements”. List at least 3 requirements that the sponsor and you agree to (it can be to come to a venue, hospitality center, go to a club, or anything), details and dates of those requirements also. Also, look at clause 3.1 and insert any special conditions you require such as specific lodging, foods, travel arrangements, etc.

Use your imagination here. Remember, YOU ARE BIG TIME!!!. If you want only a 5 star hotel, driven in a limousine or flown over to Brazil (Remember, the Rio Olympics are in Brazil) with first class tickets then IT HAS TO BE IN THE CONTRACT. IF YOU DON’T ASK, YOU DON’T GET.

Upload and attach your completed contract in your initial post (it is too large to be pasted).

Aside from this I want you to:

  • Discuss/speculate what one possible breach of this contract might be
  • What might one remedy for this possible breach would be?

Forum Board Instructions:

Students are required to make at least (3) postings per week.

One initial response to the forum board question. Initial posts must consist of at least 500 words in length.

REMINDER: Initial postings should be a minimum of 500 words a

Good places to search for references for this forum is in our library under Sports Litigation Alert, Sports Business Research Network, Sportsdiscus, and Ebscosuite.


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