Spirituality experts only!! | Sociology homework help

Analytic Paper: Drawing from your selected readings in Integrating Spirituality and

Religion into Counseling: A Guide to Competent Practice please use the  two (2)

additional readings . You are encouraged to review

materials outside of spiritual traditions you are most familiar with. How might the insights

offered relate to work you hope to do with individuals, groups or communities at risk?

What conflicts might you anticipate in introducing these ideas? Also, consider how you

might introduce the ideas offered in the book to your client(s). Consider strategies for

engagement with individuals who may be openly hostile to the concept of spirituality—

an atheist, agnostic, scientist, or someone who feels betrayed by life? Examine your

own feelings about spirituality, religion and faith–what does it mean to you, and how and

why would you incorporate it into your practice? How would you integrate it into work

with people who embrace belief systems This assignment should be 8-10 pages typed,

double-spaced in a 12 point standard font.