Speech #2 – country informative speech self and peer critique

In this assignment, you will critique your own Country Informative Speech and then select and evaluate a classmate’s speech (from the discussion board).  

Download the attachment and read the prompts.In this assignment, you will answer to sets of questions. You must answer each question with at least three sentences.  Each question is worth 4 points each for a total of 40 points.

Always use complete, college-level sentences. Run a spell check before submitting. Save your document frequently. Attach the file with the answers in it and/or copy and paste the answers into the submission box of the assignment. Click submit.

Your name:

Watch your own Informative Speech Video and then type your answers to the questions below.   DO NOT RUSH THROUGH THIS ASSIGNMENT.  YOU NEED TO HONESTLY AND DEEPLY REFLECT IN ANSWERING THESE QUESTIONS.

Overall, were you satisfied with the speech you gave? Why or why not?

Were you confident during your speech? Were you more nervous or less nervous than your first speech? Why do you think that was so?

What did you think was good about your delivery (body movements, posture, eye contact, vocals, etc.)? What would you like to improve upon with regards to your delivery? Be specific.

What did you think was good about the content and organization of your speech? What would you have liked to improve upon, if anything? Be specific.

What did you do to prepare for this speech? Was it adequate? What will you do differently next time you prepare for a speech?


Go to the Informative Culture Speech Discussion Board (to find that forum, go back to Speech #2 and click on the link for the video posts). Choose one of your classmate’s speeches. Watch their speech video and download and read their outline then type your answers to the questions below.

Whose video and outline did you select? (if video or outline is missing, choose someone else) Write their first and last name only.

After reading their outline, what do you think they did correctly or incorrectly in the outline?

After watching the speech video, what did you think was good about their delivery (body movements, posture, eye contact, vocals, etc.)? What could they have improved upon?

Do you think the speech information was well organized, clear, and easy to follow while listening? Did you hear at least two verbal citations?

What did you learn about this person’s speaking style? Will anything this person did help you to change or improve for the last speech? Explain.

My video

My classmate Shaie Sanders video