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SOCW 6443 wk 8 Discussion 1: Controversy in Psychopharmacological Intervention to Treat Substance Abuse Disorders

Controversy surrounding the treatment of substance abuse disorders with other substances extends from the most basic to the philosophical. Some health care providers focus on the removal of all substances to address the addiction and argue that complete abstinence is the only real option. They believe that no medications should be given (except to save one’s life) during treatment for substance abuse. Many mental health professionals, particularly in America, hold these views. In contrast to removing all substances, others focus on the ability of the client to function. Many programs support the belief that addicts can live normal lives with controlled use of substances.

How do these opposing views in the treatment of addiction clients affect the addiction mental health practice? How does the mental health professional working with addiction prepare and support the mental health care team and the client? How do programs like the 12-step Narcotics Anonymous program compare with other approaches as far as research results?

All questions in bold then answers APA format 7th addition full references and intext citations 300 to 500 words not including the questions

For this Discussion, select a medication used in treating substance abuse disorders. Then, conduct a search for any controversy surrounding the use of this medication in treating substance abuse disorders and prepare to defend its use.

Post a description of the major actions, intended effects, and side effects of your selected medication. Explain controversy surrounding the use of this medication in treating substance abuse disorders. Defend the effective use of this medication and support your defense with evidence from the Learning Resources or from your personal research.

Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.


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