Social robots in organizational contexts


Paper – Social Robots in Organizational Contexts: The Role of Culture and Future Research Needs 

The integration of social robots in society and in organizations is explicitly a trend that is on the rise. We are witnessing the application of physically embodied robots who socially interact and collaborate with humans in various settings. In this week’s research discussion, you are to voice a critical opinion on the content of the paper mentioned above.
This paper is focused on the organizational contexts of social robots and required cultural challenges. The research looks at the cultural fit between values embedded in social robots and values lived in the organizational context in which the robot is deployed.

  1. What do you think about the place of social robots in the future general?
  2. What is your evaluation of the proposed future research into cultural challenges?
  3. What is the best way of introducing social robots into organizational contexts?

Answers should be based on the details provided in the paper.

Make sure you support your opinions with scholarly research!

For this assignment, following APA style Ver. 7.0, answer as comprehensively as possible the questions. Your answers should be based on the details provided to you in the paper.

Cite your sources (APA 7.0 ed).

NOTE: 800 words