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“The world of law is smaller than the world of ethics.  You can follow the law and still do something unethical.” (Manias, Monroe, & Till, 2013, p. 5).  Ethics goes beyond written law, it questions our morals on what is right and wrong.  With this mindset we understand that at times we may be within the law but still unethical and vice versa.  “Both code of ethics and laws are frequently based on ethical principles, but laws have limits. ”  (Manias, Monroe, & Till, 2013, p. 506).  Laws are often made to correct a problem, on the other hand ethics presents a guideline for life decisions.  Strategic management must take into account both elements, legal and ethical, to make informed decisions on the future success of an organization.  Taking unethical actions may help financial gains, however these actions can result in negative customer perception.  Actions must be evaluated to consider all possible outcomes, which is why strategic management plans for the long-term and does not focus on short-term success.  With changes to the market constantly happening bad press could potentially push an organization out.  A professional code of ethics should guide an organization through product development, quality assurance through manufacturing,  waste disposal and environmental protection, and product marketing.

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