Short response paper 2 | Criminal homework help

  1. Respond to each prompt with a 1-3 paragraph response.
  2. Answer in complete sentences/paragraphs.
  3. Make sure your using proper grammar.
  4. Utilize your textbook, as well as any other resources from the course in answering the question!
  5. Make sure you fully answer each prompt for credit!

 Prompt 1:  In your own words define the seven basic elements of CPTED as discussed in the lecture PowerPoints.  These 7 elements are on slide 6 of a certain lecture PowerPoint. Be thorough and give specific examples of what each element encompasses.

Prompt 2:  In this week’s readings you are shown the “25 techniques of situational crime prevention”.  They are each categorized under a specific type of impact such as “reduces the rewards”.  Choose one from each column and explain how/why you think it works.  As a hint make sure you look at those categories at the top, they should help you figure out how each works to prevent offenses.