Short Report

Course Evaluation Short Report

Submit a short progress report to your instructor on what you have learned in your Professional Communication course this term. Mention specific memos, e-mail, letters, instructions, reports, or proposals you have written or will soon write. Moreover, as you proceed with the report, try to take a holistic view of the course; try to keep from focusing on one issue too much, such as the course project.

Please follow these guidelines for writing short reports:

  • Do the necessary research. You have completed the necessary research for this assignment by participating in this course. However, you may want to refer to specific past lesson pages or completed assignments to refresh your memory.
  • Anticipate how an audience will use your report. Although your immediate audience is your faculty member, memos, e-mails, and other communication may be passed on to others in others in your profession.
  • Be objective and ethical. Say only what you know to be true, and if you’re not sure be honest about that.
  • Do not confuse your opinion with supported research.
  • Do not exaggerate or minimize.

Please format your short report as a memo to your faculty member. Use headings and other design techniques in your report. Follow appropriate memo format; review the material from Module 01 for format guidelines.

Your short report memo should include:

  • A short paragraph that introduces the topic of your report and alerts your readers what you will discuss. In this case, your purpose will probably be to preview your overall opinion of the course.
  • Two or more paragraphs that provide a detailed explanation of your evaluation of the course. This evaluation will serve as your findings. Your report will be most helpful if you cite specific examples of assignments or topics from the course.
  • One or more paragraphs that describe what changes that you think should be made to the course (your conclusion and recommendations).

Overall, your short report on the course should be no more than one page long.

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