Short paper 3 – managing organizational change

Course title: MANAGING ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE (not Operations Management).


In Chapter 8.4 of the text, the author lays out several action items and practices that can be used to achieve good communication inside an organization. For three of the seven practices, outline a scenario describing how that particular practice has been, or could be, implemented in your current organization.  This isn’t a graded item so it DOES NOT need to be done.  I’ve included it as part of the directions required for the paper.


Use examples, where possible, of past situations where these practices have been utilized within your organization. You can use an outline/bullet-point format. The contents of this activity will be used to draft a short paper which will be graded.


The actual assignment:

Choose three of the scenarios that you have outlined from section 4.1 – 4.7 of Chapter 8 (as mentioned above, you DO NOT need to do this) and discuss them in a short paper. Also discuss the impact of technology on the communication system. Does technology improve or confuse the system?




Please compose a 2-3 page response to the scenarios mentioned above.  

Follow the rubric requirements (attached).

Sources must be cited with APA format.

Plagiarism is unacceptable.


* From what I can tell, this is simply a personal experience paper.  I do need sources though.