Select one of the marketing

  Select one of the marketing campaigns listed on the Digital Buzz Blog Then, create a 2-3-page case study in which you evaluate the campaign from thebusiness and consumer standpoint. (Use the concepts in the Business and Consumer Scenario document in this week’s Module Resources folder as your guide.)In your written response, include the following critical elements:Identify the business goals and objectives of the marketers to this particular audience. What is being marketed? Who is the target audience? Describehow the product, service, or brand is being marketed to this audience. Analyze the consumer interactions with the brand, product, or service during this campaign. How have consumers reacted to this marketing effort?Using at least one analytics tool, can you determine whether the campaign was successful? What were the consumers’ follow-through reactions? Evaluate the success of the internet marketing campaign. What information about consumers’ decision-making process can marketers learn from thiscampaign? In your opinion, how effective is this approach from the consumer and business standpoints? Finally, suggest ways that this campaign couldbe improved.

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