Security vulnerability management, protection and iam

Every endpoint on the organization’s network must be properly secured, hardened, and managed throughout its life cycle to ensure that it is patched, and its vulnerabilities are remediated. Endpoints include servers, desktop computers, laptops, network infrastructure devices, and other assets on the organization’s network. In addition, Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems and processes will need to be implemented for management and control of enterprise resources. In a 4-5-page paper in MS Word provide the following:

  1. Describe in detail as the CCISO how key endpoint security controls should be considered and implemented when hardening assets.
  2. Describe Identity and access management (IAM) systems and processes for management and control access of enterprise resources. Specifically describe the Subject, Object, and Access components of IAM.
  3. Describe the functions of identification, authentication, authorization, and accountability/auditing as IAM fundamentals

Provide the 4-5-page Word paper in the following format:

  • Title Page (does not count towards the page length requirement)
  • Key Endpoint Security Controls
  • IAM Systems
  • IAM Fundamentals
  • Conclusion
  • APA Reference Page does not count towards the page length requirement)