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What I want you to do: The five domains utilized to provide a framework for characterizing risk and protective factors include Individual, Family, Peer, Community, and School. Write a personal reflection on each of the 5 domains. Identify the risk and/or protective factors that you personally experienced in each domain. Given what you now know about risk and protective factors, personally reflect on your own childhood. What protective factors existed? What risk factors? Consider each of the 5 domains in your response. Please read your assigned NIDA reading (under learning materials) before you begin this assignment.

Why I want you to do it: Consider how your past experiences may influence the way you view substance addiction. Empathy is the capacity to understand or feel what another person is experiencing from within their frame of reference, that is, the capacity to place yourself in another’s position. After considering your own past, does this increase (or decrease) your empathy for others who are experiencing addiction?


Discuss your personal risk and protective for the five domains: Individual, Family, Peer, Community, and School.

Describe how your risk and protective factors influence the way you view substance addiction.

Your submission should be around 500 written words.

Submission Guidelines

Once you have completed the above requirements, upload to Canvas for grading as a Word Document or PDF. Canvas does not play well with Pages, please convert your Pages documents to a PDF.

Check your grammar, spelling, and writing mechanics before you submit.

Assignment Disclaimer

This assignment may trigger memories from your past. If this becomes uncomfortable or distressful, please contact the instructor for an alternative assignment. ASU Counseling Resources is available to help.

Also, please note that your responses here are NOT confidential. The instructor reserves the right to discuss your answers with the Dean of Students and/or the Counseling Center if she feels that you are at risk of self-harm