Revise the paragraph | English homework help

The paragraph below contains a variety of mechanical and grammatical errors, so your task is to revise the paragraph considering grammar, mechanics, and style. As a hint, you might want to look for fragments, comma errors, capitalization errors, and run-on sentences. Submit revised version of the paragraph.

Revise the paragraph below:

When in college and working full-time the multiple assignments is challenging, I know because I has three classes a week. However; a professors main role. Are to help their students with coursework. And time-management. When me and all the other students in my Media Studies class asked our professor for an extra day on the first assignment for her to get into better detail about the first assignment they gave us what we asked for which is making a difference and improved their scores. Being open to changing assignments the class is a lot more easy. So I tell: everyone in school talk to your professor’s about your confusion areas and problems, its worked for I and the other students, it works for you too!