Response two

“The Nevada Four Guerrillas had an obligation to the community that they were in not only to stop water from ruining the wetlands and killing wildlife but also to maintain the stability of the p-lace in question. There goals were to “ save the Stillwater and Carson lake, wetlands from bureau of reclamation irrigation practices at the Nevada new lands project by diverting water from the wetlands and inducing water quality problems, increasing flow of water into them and cleaning up toxic sinks” ( O Leary).Using Waldos 12 ethical obligations the guerrillas had an ethical obligation to organize the attack on bureaucratic, and to maintain their professionalism and profession by upholding the constitution while they were working on maintaining the wetlands.

The impact that they had on the community not only through public policy but by showing the people what was actually happening to the wildlife and what would continue to happen if something was not done was great and for that the guerillas although seen as a pain in the behind by their employers but they also used influence to develop and support for the bill. A Guerrillas “bring credibility of the formal bureaucratic political system with them as well as the credibility of their individual professions they have strong views and at most illegal” (O Leary).

I agree with the approach that the guerillas took in order to protect the wetlands they did what they thought was best for this area of Nevada.”

Respond to the above by using “ONE” of the bulletin point below

·  Offer and support your different opinion about the Nevada Four

·  Expand on your colleagues’ postings by drawing connections and identifying contrasts between your colleagues’ initial responses to the case and your colleagues’ support for or against the actions of the guerrillas.

At least one reference please

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