Research project part 2 | Human Resource Management homework help


Research Project Part 2: Module 5 requirements:

· A written topical outline of the forthcoming research paper. The topical outline will include all sections, sub points, data sources, and references. The outline should be robust and is intended to be the writing guide you use to construct the paper. Some variation from the outline to the final research paper is expected (i.e., do not adhere strictly to the outline through the development of your paper, the outline is the guide, not the final structure of the paper). The assignment must be submitted through a Blackboard assignment link. The outline must demonstrate that you have completed a significant amount of the research and have an organized writing plan. APA format is not required at this stage.

I have attached part one that has been completed so you can use that as a guide to complete assignment. Please let me know if you have any question. PART 2 MUST COME FROM PART ONE SO PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU LOOK OVER WHAT HAS BEEN WRITTEN ALREADY