Research paper on what are the benefits and the hazards of medical

my professor wants three pages of research, including a thesis statement in the first paragraph (the introduction). You cannot have less then three pages of actual research. I want a Works Cited page that lists all of the sources that you use for your research. I want a minimum of four sources. This is also referred to as a simple bibliography. You do not have to summarize each source when you do this page. I also want a citation at the end of every paragraph and a citation at the end of every quote. There are no exceptions to this rule. I want a citation at the end of the first paragraph (the introduction), a citation at the end of the last paragraph (the conclusion), and a citation at the end of every paragraph in between these two paragraphs. Here is an example of how to do a citation. If I am the writer of the journal article or the book you used to retrieve information, and you retrieved this information from page 45, you would write this for a citation (Mathews, 45). If it is a web site, write the web site in parenthesis. You are to use MLA style for this paper. You can find a description of this in “The Bedford Handbook” or you can look it up on the Internet. This rough draft is worth 75 points if you do it correctly. If there is something wrong with it, I will email you what is wrong with it so you can fix it. Every paragraph must have at least five different sentences in it. This is not a five paragraph essay; it is longer than that.