Research paper – collective bargaining (5-6 pages)

5-6 pages


  the NFLPA (NFL Players Association) is preparing for the new CBA agreement that begins in 2021.

I have attached the following for your reference:

1) section from the text on Collective Bargaining

2) NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement from 2011

Prepare a written review based on a specific Management / Labor Relations topic. Again, please be sure that your topic s a contemporary topic in Labor Relations.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding your topic, e-mail me. I recognize that your text contains subject matter that assists in satisfying this requirement; however, I am expecting elaboration on the topic chosen from not only a personal view but also from additional sources. Please keep your topic on a contemporary topic in Labor Relations. These sources include but are not limited to Internet sites, magazine articles, book reviews, etc. Personal examples and application of the topic to your current or future career focus are expected.