research paper about Newsroom almost 11-14pages

I write the thesis statement about the newsroom. 

The Research Paper 1: The newsroom

Thesis statement: What kind of characteristic makes Will towards to a successful imagine?

The outline should be:

Introduction: describe how the characteristic of Will. What’s the Will’s specialty looks like. 

Body: 1, support detail: In story arcs with daily life, show the Will’s character

   2. Support detail: the relationship with the others people

3.Support detail: In emergency situation and in different things. Express the Will’s feature

Conclusion: related to the thesis statement. Echo the main idea that is what kind of characteristic makes Will towards to a successful imagine.

Here are some guidelines for your first research paper in the course.

Goal of the Paper: Formal criticism of some element of The Newsroom. Formal criticism is grounded in literary criticism, so the primary areas of focus are plot, character and dialogue.  That’s more than enough for you examine on your first effort in this class.  You do not have to examine all three in this paper.  You may focus on one or more of those.  How does this element of the program contribute to the success and value of the program?  For example:

·How is humor used to develop character in The Newsroom?

·How are character foils used in Next Generation to emphasize Will’s leadership qualities?

·How does the format of The Newsroom series enable elasticity and variety of plot structures?

You may also focus your paper on one character and how that character is developed throughout the series.  If you do that, be sure you don’t just re-tell the plot lines.  You must connect that specific character to the criteria offered in your text and in your notes or other resources.

These are just examples of possible topics. You should certainly come up with your own. Be sure to have me approve it, so we can make sure it is clear and consistent with the goals of the assignment.

Go back to your notes on plot, character and dialogue. As you address those issues in your paper be sure to address key elements in the notes. For example, if you are doing a paper related to character, put together a complete dossier on your character before you begin. What is the backstory? The professional life? Personal life? Private life? Semiotics?

Structure of your paper: Make sure you have a beginning, middle, and a clear conclusion that pulls it all together. Go back to your notes concerning the elements of a critical piece:




·Historical relationship


How to do that:


I would begin by specifying the themes which you will be discussing and how they relate to the series as a whole.  Have they developed over time? Have they always been there? Have they changed? Are they connected in some way?  A paragraph about the show, its origin, creators, network affiliation, etc. would also be appropriate at this point.


I would then address each of theme or observation individually.  Be sure you follow a parallel type of structure.  That doesn’t mean you have to be boring, just organized.

Use headings and sub-headings. They really help a reader understand your structure and follow the progress of the paper. 

Substantiate what you say. 

·Be sure to cite specific episodes (information needed can be on line.

·Describe how the concept is conveyed through sign and symbol visually and aurally.  Don’t just say that Maggie is emotional.  Demonstrate that by quoting bits of dialogue, discussing body language, facial expressions, etc. in the context of specific episodes.

·If you have quotes from directors or producers of the program, use those to reinforce the observations you make about the program.

Use an outline.  The outline will help you organize your thoughts and you’ll have a better paper. I can’t emphasize enough how important a working outline is to the success of this paper.  If you don’t do an outline before you begin writing, your paper is likely to lack clear structure and ramble incoherently.  That will hurt your grade, because I won’t understand what you’re saying or how it all fits together.


Here you must pull it all together.  Briefly summarize what you told me you were going to say, what you said, and finally why we should care.  Make sure I understand what Dr. Huddleston calls the “so what?” 


Use APA style for your bibliography. In the text, use APA style for research sources (for historical context, other reviews, etc.) but you may indicate episode cites as follows: 2012 S1:Ep1 (or whatever the appropriate number is. In the bibliography, cite each episode alphabetically by author using APA citation format. You can find that online.

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