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Write no less than 100 words of reply to this paragraph, quote one sentence from the article.

Jeffrey Weeks believes that the concept of sex is generated by the entire society, that is, sex always exists in human society, regardless of whether it is understood or not. “Readers came across such depictions of female same-sex desire in the 1920s, which served to conflate the emerging concept of “lesbianism” with violence, aggression, vice, and pathological behavior.” Through the content of the article“Woman Slain Inqueer Love Brawl” by Cookie Woolner, we can understand that the issue of gender identity is related to society The kinship and family systems in the construction are related to people’s self-perception of themselves in family relationships, as well as people’s thinking about their family identity. However, because of racial discrimination issues such as skin color, homosexuality is affected by negative emotions such as artificial and violence. Relevance, the news media deliberately described homosexuality as a controversial topic, and artificially caused people’s controversy, so that homophobia has become another channel for venting racial discrimination, and it has also caused the problem of social regulation. I think Homosexuals and transgender people have been artificially and consciously divided, which has resulted in the differentiation of class and race. This differentiation has strengthened the division of different classes in society, thus making the culture of boycott extremely popular. Back to Weeks’s point of view is that the concept of sex is produced by the entire society and can change for the entire society. Therefore, sexual cognition in the social construction is the mainstream cognition, and different sexual concepts will cause turmoil, but when the new sex When ideas have a positive or negative impact on various structures in society, social sexual concepts are also quietly changed. Gradually, people will begin to accept new sexual concepts, or benefit from new sexual concepts, or identify with new sexual concepts