Relational databases with ms project: access

This assignment is a tfour-part project building off the first week.  Imagine there were four assignments.  Question 1 is for Week 1.  Question 2 is for Week 2.  Question 3 is for Week 3.  


You MUST submit the answers as labeled Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.


Question 1 (Week 1):  You are about to create an application to manage your CDs/DVDs collection.  The application to keep track of the inventory (in/out), who borrowed what and when it is due back (no money transactions please., the system should be able to produce at least 3 reports such as inventory list, items due most active user and most borrowed item.


What are the steps you are going to take to complete the development process?  Include a detail requirement (5 pages max) with suggest design and ER diagram.  Use MS Word for the diagram.  You MUST inclue the strcture of the tables in the Database not the data and there needs to be first and last names


Question 2 (Week 2):  Create the database you defined in Question 1 (Week 1).  Use simple SQL inserts to append records to each table you created.  There needs to be 3 records per table.  Save these SQL statements in a text file and submit it with the database.


Question 3 (Week 3):  Create the following:  An appropriate form for each table with add/edit/delete functionality.  Forms MUST include 1.)  frmBorrower(add, edit, delete, list borrower), 2. frmMedia (add, edit, delete, list media) 3. frmQuickSearchMedia (lookup media, show status of the media, such as in house, out and who checked it out) 4. frmQuickSearchBrower.  



Do NOT send me a automaticac reply without having read the assignment.  I will pass you over.  Send me a IM stating you have read the assignment. 


Do this correctly and there will be 8 more weeks of assignments coming your way.