Reflect on your course project

Reflect on Your Course Project

Now that you have completed both portions of your proposal, take some time to reflect on your experience with the project. Looking back on it, do you still think it is feasible? What might you change in order to make it a more practical proposal? Perhaps you think it is worthy of being submitted to someone outside this class, do you have any plans to do so? What changes would you make to your process if you were to take it on for a second time? Why?

Naturally, this assignment will have some overlap with your report for this week, but for this assignment try stick to discussing the project – all other aspects can be left to the report. If you had never used APA, perhaps you can discuss your interaction with a new writing style. If you have never written professional documents, what are some of the differences between professional and academic writing?

Please write between 300 and 500 words for this assignment.

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