Read the article Literacy and the Internet and write an essay, homework help (300 words)

Read this article, Literacy and the Internet. To what extent do you agree with the claim that the “devaluation of contemplative thought… a loss not only for us as individuals but also for our culture”  or with the claim that “the risk of losing our culture and our abilities reason are overblown.” Provide reasons and evidence to support your point of view.

The assignment is expected to be typed in English, in a 12-point font, double-spaced, at least 300 words long, and free of errors in spelling, punctuation, or grammar. Do not repeat the question in your submission; we know the question. Students are expected to present a clear thesis and to construct valid, logical arguments with supporting evidence in responding to the question. Most of the assignment should be written by the student, not just quoting sources. 

No more than 20% should match something already in the Turnitin database.

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